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June 10 2015

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The Hobbits

they look like a boyband



Fall Out Hobbit

Backstreet Brandywines

Their number one hit song “They’re Taking Us to Isengard (ft. Legolas)”

June 09 2015

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June 08 2015

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ok but im all for nymph!grantaire

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“If all goes well, you will be able to save more than one innocent life tonight.”


enjolras is caught by the police and gets hungry in his cell because he skipped breakfast that morning, meanwhile a tipsy grantaire attends a group class at the gym

arrestees fasting and pilates drunk

June 07 2015

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Gandalf + names


Enjolras getting home from a really long day, and wordlessly curling up in Grantaire’s lap and burying his face in the warmth of his stomach while the other man strokes his hair

Enjolras falling asleep on the sofa and having to be carried to bed, except that once he’s in bed he doesn’t want to let go of Grantaire and pulls him down for a series of sleepy kisses instead

Enjolras always telling Grantaire - with characteristic fiery sincerity, of course - that he loves him and kissing his forehead or his cheek when they say goodbye, no matter who’s around

Grantaire waking up every day to find Enjolras wrapped around him like a second blanket, face gracelessly smushed into the crook of his neck or his armpit

~ Asexual Enjolras and bisexual Grantaire having the most affectionate, tooth-rottingly sweet relationship ~

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My friend is in Paris and I am jealous af. Part 2

This photo is amazing

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Just in time!

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Freya’s Tears

Gustav Klimt


beING SUPER SUPER IN LOVE WITH YOUR FRIENDS BUT IN A FRIEND WAY but also a little bit in a gay way but also in a frIEND WAY

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June 06 2015

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Orestes fasting. Pylades drunk.

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happy barricade day

Reposted byUnrealUnreality UnrealUnreality
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Do you know what’s so annoying? Is that– you could be great! If you could just be a normal person for two seconds.

June 05 2015

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Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia, Matt Madden & Kim Vallis

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The June Rebellion - June 5th, 1832

June 04 2015

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June 03 2015

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Kaylee Frye in 1x04 Shindig

itsrevolutionarythought someday, maybe, i’ll be mental enough to make the dress

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